Purple Leaf Mimosa Tree Albizia Julibrissin ¨summer chocolate¨ PROBLEMS

I was so excited when i received my Summer Chocolate mimosa in the post from France. I buy once a year in the spring time a large order of new and exciting projects which come all the way from France at the fraction of the cost to what it would cost me on the island of Ibiza. Planfor is the name of the company. Shipping costs are very cheap and literally you have it the next day which leaves me with my mouth wide open because no post in ibiza from one side of the island to the other is that quick.

One of my exciting buys this year was a summer chocolate mimosa. It was my first of it´s kind and i was still unaware that it was a mimosa. I bought it mainly due to my husbands love for chocolate and the name came across as very intriguing not to mention it´s striking colour and leaf formation. :Note this mimosa has nothing to do with the coca plant.

I planted it in what should have been perfect conditions but the little blighter just never seemed to be happy. After doing some extensive research i came to the conclusion that the tree has a fungal disease called fusarium wilt.

Very simply there is nothing that can be done but its worth knowing when to give up from time to time. I will continue watering the wee guy and living in hope but for now knowing leaves us all a little but more knowledgeable.

I will keep you posted if there is a miracle but i will give you a photo what it should look like to compare your own trees.

No snakes in Ibiza or are there?

Like Ireland Ibiza has no snakes on the island but recent years have seen increased sightings of snakes brought in with the olive trees. My mother inlaw a few hundred metres away found one last summer but fortunately they dont survive and go on to breed. 

The snakes are meant to be controlled and taken if found but i wouldn´t worry too much if you don´t manage to catch it. It´s probably best you avoid any you find just in case it strikes you. Althought it is very unlikely any thing you find is venemous you still wouldnt want to be bitten.

Legend has it that ibiza has no snakes because the God Bes killed them all along with chasing out evil.

In all my years of traipsing through our forests and dry land i have never seen a snake yet except for the local pet shops in San Antonio which usually has a good selection for sale. 

So here you have it. A little bit of useless information. Keep following because i am full of it. 😉

Below you will find an interesting page with common snakes native to spain. It could be worth looking over in case the day comes you ever have your snake encounter.

Venomous Snakes

Non Venomous Snakes

Southern smooth snake

Bee Keeping Exploits

For over two years i have said i wanted to get into bee keeping. What cooler more bizarre hobby could there be. Not to everyone’s taste so better suited to me.

After years of observation in my garden particularly around the lavander plants i watched in awe as these amazing little creatures buzzed around in peace doing their thing and helping the environment to grow and flurish.

Getting started Tips:

Research came from different sources.


I can recommend first a foremost the collins Beekeeper´s Bible.

Intense reading but very thorough and gives you every thing fro the history to recipes and things you can do with the wax.


On youtube you will find a variety of videos helping you through the visualisation process putting together your information and answering your extra questions. This is a free source of information but you need to weed carefully through the videos. You have everyone from amateurs to the professionals on there posting videos and some persons skills leave a lot to be desired.  You will see straight off what i mean. Just make sure you watch two or three videos on each subject to get an idea.


Luckily enough my new neighbour is a bee expert who keeps over 12 hives. His job is to take bees from undesired locations. Having him on hand to help with my first bees was a god send. What i would suggest is that you talk to random people about your desire to bee keep and you will be very surprised to find a handful of people you didn´t know have kept bees in the past. This is not only a good way to collect information but also to source cheap or free equipment. There are many hives lying around in peoples garages not being used. So get chatting.

Bee keeping adventures to be continued…..

Ibiza gardens intro

Ibiza gardens intro

Gardening in Ibiza at first seemed like a nightmare, Dry sandy/rocky ground. Barren and seemingly lifeless compared to the lush green irish country side i was accustomed to.

With time my eyes opened to the vast variety of life this wonderfully small island had to offer and each day from the first has been an adventure.

Albeit it a long time from the first days i want to take you on my daily adventures of exploration and discoveries of nature.

I want to voice my opinions, discoveries, thoughts and research. Mostly i want to hear back from you and know that some of my sharings have helped you also.

Gardening is a very selfless job and one i would be lost with out. I dedicate my life to my garden and its surroundings. I dream of the leagacy i leave after a life time of development. I want to grow along side it because there i find true happiness in its simpleness and pure nature.